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The Impregnation Process Explained | Ultraseal GB

The impregnation process involves five key stages:

1. Part Preparation

  • Parts to be impregnated should be clean and dry

2. Impregnation

  • Air is evacuated from the porosity within the components using a dry vacuum
  • The vacuum is released and liquid sealant penetrates the porosity, filling the voids

 3. Drain

  • Components are rotated and indexed about the horizontal axis to drain and recover excess sealant
  • Drained sealant is returned to the autoclave for re-use

4. Cold Wash

  • Components are rotated and indexed under a cascade of wash water solution removing sealant from all component surfaces

5. Hot Cure

  • Combining a wash and heating process to maintain a high standard of surface cleanliness and polymerisation of the sealant within the porosity of the components

Watch our impregnation process video








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