Vacuum Impregnation equipment

A complete choice of vacuum impregnation equipment customised to your needs

From off-line batch processing to fully automated in-line manufacturing systems, we offer an unrivalled choice of vacuum impregnation equipment and automation options to ensure our system meets your production requirements.

Our impregnation systems can be specified with Ultraseal Recycling Technology and Recycling sealants providing best-in-class sustainability with greatly reduced sealant consumption, water consumption and effluent waste.

In addition to fully or semi-automated standard systems, we also offer custom engineered solutions to meet your individual requirements, all backed by worldwide after sales and service support from the market leader in impregnation sealants, equipment and service. Whatever your needs, we can meet them completely.

Vacuum impregnation process

Vacuum impregnation process stages:

1 Impregnation

2 Drain

3 Cold wash

4 Hot cure

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Ultraseal Recycling Technology

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