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Ultraseal Shanghai impregnation service centre

World-class sealing to meet your needs completely

At Ultraseal Shanghai we offer a fast and professional impregnation service for metal castings and electronic components.

Using Ultraseal market leading impregnation chemicals and equipment we provide world class levels of quality and service with maximum flexibility to support our customer’s supply chain processes.

Tested, trusted and proven across millions of components, and approved by manufacturers around the world, Ultraseal sealants provide the ultimate sealing performance for metal castings, electronic and powder metal components.

Types of products impregnated

Cylinder heads

Engine blocks


Water pumps

Gearbox housings

Wiring harnesses

Electronic components

Services Available at this Centre

Casting impregnation

Pressure testing

Sub-assembly quality checks

Industrial washing

Ultraseal Shanghai Limited

51 Taizhong Road
Anting Town
Jiading District
China, 201814

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Tel: 0086 (0) 21 6916 0313
Fax: 0086 (0) 21 6916 0380









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