Ultraseal shows the way forward for sealing die casting porosity at NADCA 2021

Ultraseal International, the global leader in porosity sealing will be showcasing a full suite of solutions at this year’s NADCA 2021 Congress and Expo, demonstrating how industry can achieve gains in quality, efficiency, and sustainability.

Bringing together the latest die casting products, services and technology, the exhibition – which takes place at the Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis between October 4-6 – is designed to help manufacturers tackle key challenges.

Porosity in die cast components is one of those challenges, and Ultraseal, a Quaker Houghton company, is demonstrating at NADCA 2021 how vacuum impregnation is critical to driving the industry forward. This comes as manufacturers face a new generation of challenges including working with ever more complex components that must be pressure and fluid-tight, and an increased focus on efficiency and the environment.

Says John Holmes, Application Sales Director at Ultraseal International: “Ultraseal has been at the forefront of innovation for over 50 years and has developed a range of market-leading impregnation sealants, equipment and services to help address these challenges, all of which will be on display at the exhibition. Chief among them are fully recyclable impregnation sealants and robotic handling technology which can deliver real advantage.”

In addition to a market-leading range of conventional impregnation sealants, Ultraseal offers the option of high-performance recycling sealants and recycling systems (which can be supplied with new impregnation systems or retro-fitted to existing vacuum impregnation equipment) which minimize environmental impact while also reducing sealant usage by up to 95%. Ultraseal’s pioneering closed loop sealant recycling system drives efficiencies and virtually eliminates wastewater from the impregnation process – a vital consideration for manufacturers today.

Adds Holmes: “While porosity is a universal challenge, everyone’s needs are different – from high volume requirements through to occasional demand. Ultraseal has a solution for each individual need. In addition to sealants, equipment and a network of global services centers, this includes our managed service where Ultraseal essentially builds and manages a dedicated on-site impregnation facility, eliminating upfront capital investment as well as the risk and responsibility for inspection and quality.”

Offering an insight into best practice and future trends, Ultraseal’s experts will be on hand to offer individual advice for each application. “Ultraseal is at the forefront of global industry developments,” explains Holmes. “As such, we have an unrivalled ability to deliver improved quality, productivity and environmental performance in casting impregnation, whatever the requirement.”

Ultraseal will be situated at booth 902 at the NADCA 2021 Congress and Exposition, joining forces with its parent company, Quaker Houghton, the global leader in industrial process fluids.

For more information about Ultraseal’s vacuum impregnation solutions, please visit https://www.ultraseal-impregnation.com/









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