Lubrolene Die Release agents and electrostatic spray technology

Water-free die release agents and technology – specially developed for optimum performance

The Lubrolene® series of water-free die-release agents and electrostatic spray technology are specially developed to achieve optimum coverage for casting porosity in complex parts. 

Using very fine mineral oil which is electrostatically charged to provide a wrap-around effect, maximising coverage for high pressure die cast engine, powertrain and structural automotive parts.

Greatly outperforming water-based and micro-spray release agents, the Lubrolene® series is an excellent alternative, and the ultimate solution for die casting release.

The benefits of WFR agents

Reduces cost of production

WFR agents reduces costs by up to 85% versus water-based die release alternatives, thanks to reduced agent and water consumption, as well as lower operating, tooling and maintenance costs

A sustainable method of impregnation

Zero water requirement and only 1/1000 release agent consumption per cycle greatly reduces the resources required by water-based agents

High temperature performance

Lubrolene is proven to work effectively at die temperatures exceeding 300°C

Excellent adhesion and lubricity properties

Water-free die release agents are developed to give the optimum levels of adhesion and lubricity at high temperatures

Eliminates die heat cracks

WFR die release agents has no cooling effect on die surface temperature, preventing heat cracks and extending die life

High anti-soldering performance

The high adhesion efficiency prevents soldering and galling


Lubrolene® is non-flammable in liquid and vapor form, including when in direct contact with molten aluminum

Ultimate quality assured

Using electrostatic spray technology, Lubrolene® provides a more extensive and thick film than air spray gun methods, ensuring complete coverage and excellent product quality








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