Aerospace & Defense Vacuum Impregnation

The ultimate solution to sealing porosity in aerospace and defence components

In aerospace and defense, there can be absolutely no compromise on quality or reliability. Only the very best will do – which is why manufacturers turn to the proven knowledge, expertise and technology of Ultraseal.

Vacuum impregnation not only prevents leaks through sealing leak paths and micro porosity, it also works as an effective pre-treatment for anodised and plated components by preventing any risk of leaching, discolouration or corrosion. Combined with our world-leading range of sealant resins, and added value services such as service centers and managed services, we’re able to provide a complete solution that we can shape to your needs and solve your porosity challenges.

  • Permanent seal against porosity
  • Best-in-class sustainability
  • Approved to US MIL international standards
  • Services ready to take control of your porosity challenges and process your parts to Ultraseal standard.

Aerospace & Defense Applications

Engine blocks

Fuel injectors


Pump cases

Chassis parts

Cable looms

Electronic connectors and cables

Climate and thermal systems.

Quality Assured

Ultraseal International impregnation sealants and equipment meet numerous industrial, military and automotive OEM and Tier suppliers' global specifications.








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