Powdered metal components vacuum impregnation

The ultimate solution to sealing porosity in powdered metal components

We have the ultimate vacuum impregnation solution to overcome the three core challenges faced by sintered/powdered metal components.


Ultimate quality, performance and longevity to stop post treatment leaching

Ultraseal vacuum impregnation fills the porosity in sintered components to stop oils, acids and cleaning agents contaminating the part. If left untreated, these contaminants can leach out and damage any surface treatment.

Improved machinability to increase tooling lifespan

By ensuring a consistent, uniform surface structure, we help reduce machining vibrations and the wear caused by turning, milling, drilling and grinding tools.

Pressure integrity

Our ultimate seal ensures pressure critical components are fit for purpose.

The ultimate vacuum impregnation solution

Vacuum impregnation sealant resins, technology and service centres shaped to best meet your porosity challenge

Permanent seal against porosity

Best-in-class sustainability

Approved to multiple US MIL international standards.








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