Ultraseal casting impregnation services

The Routes to Sealing Porosity

Ultraseal International understand the variety in the porosity sealing requirements of casting manufacturers, and have used our knowledge and experience to provide a full range of solutions.

We offer choice and flexibility of casting impregnation strategy, giving your business the exact quality and level of control over both production operations and investment that you require.

Outsourcing casting impregnation

If you have low production volumes, or see casting impregnation as non-core to your manufacturing operations, then outsourcing the impregnation of parts that fail pressure testing to a 3rd party service provider is a viable option. Outsourcing casting impregnation to one of our global service centres can deliver high-quality outputs with zero responsibility for the use of chemicals or the treatment and disposal of effluent and waste water.

Casting impregnation services

However, if you have higher volumes outsourcing to a 3rd party supplier may not be viable due to the logistics costs associated; the risk of component damage in transit, handling or during a batch impregnation process; or from the increased WIP inventory needed to cover increased production lead times.

If the operational and commercial benefits of outsourcing to an offsite service provider do not stack up, there are a number of factors to consider in evaluating and specifying the right impregnation solution to meet your manufacturing needs.


Investing in equipment

When making an investment decision in vacuum impregnation equipment, manufacturers need to consider a wide range of variables, such as production volumes, component dimensions, value and variety, production schedules and shift patterns, available system floor-space, whether the system is to be integrated into the existing production process or an off-line system, operator involvement, choice of component handling method, and operating and environmental cost factors. Ultraseal International can support the decision-making process by completing a site audit and using our expertise to make appropriate recommendations.

Vacuum impregnation equipment


On-site Managed Service

An alternative solution, and one which is increasing in popularity, is that of a fully managed on-site solution, which provides an end-to-end impregnation process within your facility without the capital expenditure of purchasing equipment. A viable solution for many facilities that welcome the presence of a 3rd party specialist working on-site as an extension of their team, a fully managed service can reduce lead times and logistics costs, as well as improving productivity and operational efficiencies.

On-site Managed Service

Custom solutions to meet your needs

Die-casting companies face continual pressure to reduce costs and increase component quality. Optimising the choice of component impregnation strategy and working with a partner who can deliver a solution customised to meet your exact needs can play a key role in meeting this challenge.

Whether you’re looking to outsource, invest in equipment to manage casting impregnation in-house, or want a fully managed on-site solution, we can help you make the right decision on which impregnation option is right for your die-casting facility. Find out more using the links below, or come and talk to us at GIFA 2019 on stand 11C59.

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