Ultraseal Vacuum Impregnation Chemicals

The complete formula to sealing porosity

Vacuum impregnation chemicals play a key part in porosity sealing. Only with the right chemicals and sealants can casting impregnation achieve the Ultraseal permanent seal against porosity. Researched, developed and manufactured in the UK, Ultraseal impregnation sealants, detergents and inhibitors are available worldwide.


For over 40 years, we’ve been investing in the research and development of impregnation chemicals, creating an unrivalled market-leading range respected for its consistent quality and superior performance characteristics – including thermal stability and chemical resistance.

Offering the lowest cost of operation, our chemistry provides a complete solution to sealing porosity in metal castings, electronic leads, connectors, and sintered components.

Porosity is a recurring problem during the metal casting process. Voids or holes formed from trapped gases or shrinkage solidification can join together to create leak paths making components which need to hold pressure unusable.

Porosity can also cause manufacturing and performance issues in sintered components, where it can cause surface finishing and machining issues, and in electronic components where it can lead to moisture ingress.

Approved by manufacturers worldwide

Ultraseal International impregnation sealants and equipment meet numerous industrial, military and automotive OEM and Tier suppliers' global specifications.

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