Laboratory Testing

Free sealant testing to optimise your impregnation process

True sealing quality is only achieved when vacuum impregnation sealant and process chemistry are working consistently at optimum levels.

To monitor sealant performance, we offer regular sealant testing from our state-of-the-art laboratory as standard for Ultraseal customers. By analysing sealant and process chemistry and reporting back on any necessary changes to improve your results, we help you achieve the ultimate in Ultraseal sealing quality.

Free sample analysis testing is also available for companies that do not currently use Ultraseal chemistry and equipment.

Key benefits of our free laboratory testing service

Ensures the ultimate performance from your vacuum impregnation chemistry and equipment

Helps identify any opportunities to improve chemistry and dosage to get ultimate vacuum impregnation process efficiency and quality

Highlights the different performance levels you will get from switching to Ultraseal sealant, detergents and inhibitors.

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