Impregnation sealant

The definitive solution to sealing porosity

Ultraseal vacuum impregnation sealants are the ultimate solution to the universal problem of porosity in casting, and are trusted by manufacturers who refuse to compromise on quality, sustainability and production efficiency.

Developed and manufactured at our UK-based head office and distributed worldwide, our sealants provide a reliable and definitive solution to sealing porosity in metal castings, electronic leads and connectors, and sintered components for a wide range of industries.

Key Benefits of Ultraseal Impregnation Sealants

Quality assured

Approved to multiple US MIL standards and by more than 25 automotive OEMs

Consistent UK quality

To ensure consistent quality, all Ultraseal impregnation sealants are researched, developed and manufactured at our UK head office

Permanent seal

Ultraseal sealant is proven to achieve a permanent seal against porosity. No other sealant offers the same levels of performance

Reliability assured

We provide free laboratory testing for all customers using Ultraseal sealant, ensuring our chemistry is operating at the optimum levels and reliably delivering the best Ultraseal sealing results

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