Ultraseal International expands its North American presence with Baron Industries acquisition

Ultraseal International, the global leader in porosity sealing, has acquired a well-respected and highly experienced impregnation service business as part of its strategic plan to expand its geographical presence in North America.

Based in Madison Heights, Michigan, and with a facility in Tennessee, Baron Industries provides vacuum impregnation services of castings, powder metal and electrical components to a loyal base of OEM customers.

With the North American impregnation market highly reliant on the use of impregnation service centres, many customers choose to outsource impregnation rather than investing in equipment themselves.
Ultraseal has been serving the North American market for over 40 years, promoting equipment, chemicals, and several independent service centres when potential customers had the need to outsource their operations.

Gary Lloyd, Managing Director, at Ultraseal International said: “Given that Baron is extremely well established in North America, we are confident that this acquisition will provide many great opportunities for both companies. It also provides Ultraseal with an accelerated entry into the North American impregnation service industry.

“Local involvement within service centres globally has helped Ultraseal to support customers wherever they need impregnation. It’s hoped that Ultraseal’s presence will increase knowledge of our customer’s needs and strategic plans and allow Ultraseal to support these plans and help our customers develop and grow.

“This acquisition will also help promote the awareness of the Ultraseal brand to customers who are not currently looking for in-house impregnation solutions and at the same time help us to broaden our offerings and service capabilities in the region.”

As well as creating a strong brand awareness, the acquisition also aims to help Baron enhance its market share through its affiliation with the global market leader in porosity sealing.

To find out more about Ultraseal and Quaker Houghton’s die casting solutions, please visit https://www.ultraseal-impregnation.com and https://diecastiq.quakerhoughton.com

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