Lubrolene die-release technology

Electrostatic Spray Technology for complete coverage and superior performance

Purpose developed for Lubrolene die-release agents, our electrostatic spray technology delivers unrivalled agent coverage and thickness for ultimate die-release performance.

Unlike conventional air spray methods, our electrostatic spray technology negatively charges release agent particles which are attracted to the grounded die, resulting in a uniform coverage across the whole die surface.


Excellent adhesion

Electrostatic spray is proven to produce a complete, uniform coverage of die-release agents to various shapes of dies, unlike air spray methods

Total coverage

The nature of the electrostatic process means complete coverage is achieved from a single fixed position. Air spray technology requires nozzles to be positioned in multiple angles to provide 360° coverage

Minimal maintenance

The Lubrolene electrostatic process reduces maintenance downtime required by air spray and micro spray technology thanks to significantly less die and spray head nozzle cleaning

Faster cycle times

Faster spray times and the reduced effect of air blow help accelerate cycle times








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