Lubrolene die-release agents

Water-free die-release agents – unrivalled quality, cost and sustainability performance

Lubrolene’s® WFR series of water-free die-release products achieve optimum coverage for complex die cast parts. WFR agents eliminate thermal stress, allow faster cycle times and significantly extend service life.

Developed by AOKI SCIENCE INSTITUTE for the die casting process, the Lubrolene® WFR series improves process sustainability performance for high pressure die cast engine, powertrain and structural automotive parts.

The benefits of water-free release agents

Environmentally friendly & sustainable

Because WFR spray 1/800th of the volume required in comparison to water-based release agents, no waste-water disposal is required.

Lowest total cost option

Use 99.9% less release agent per cycle and significantly reduces operating and die maintenance costs.

High temperature performance

Proven to work effectively at temperatures exceeding 300°C.

Increase die life

Unlike water-based alternatives, Lubrolene® WFR series has no cooling effect on die surface temperature, thereby preventing heat cracks.

Improved productivity

Reduces maintenance and downtime due to less die and spray head nozzle cleaning.

Faster production

Reduction of air blow and faster spray times speeds up each cycle.


Lubrolene® is non-flammable in liquid and vapour form, including when in direct contact with molten aluminium.


Co-developed by Toyota, Aoki Science and Ryobi, the Lubrolene® series of die-release agents is a unique and patent-protected product.








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