Ultraseal impregnation service centers

World-class sealing to meet your needs completely

Our global network of Ultraseal impregnation service centers and approved partners provide the highest quality, impregnation service for customers with lower volume requirements or who do not wish to invest in process equipment.

Giving you the assurance of a flexible service that’s able to meet the most demanding production schedules, these centers offer expertise in the Ultraseal impregnation processes together with a range of added value, pre and post impregnation services such as pressure testing.

Taking advantage of Ultraseal’s global industry approvals, the service centers work closely with our testing laboratory to ensure process compliance and exceptional performance. All customers therefore benefit from our impregnation process management expertise, and from world-class sealing rates which ensure leak-free components.

Key Benefits

Flexible service to meet all requirements from single, ad-hoc items to regular production volumes

World-class sealing rates ensure leak free components while minimising scrap rates

Pre and post impregnation services enhance quality, reduce costs and assist with vendor reduction

Consistent quality and world-class performance helps protect your brand reputation

On-going programme of investment and expansion to support customer demand

Our Global Service Center Network








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