Fully automated robotic front load impregnation systems

Best-in-class systems for fast cycle times and single part processing

Ultraseal’s robotic front load vacuum impregnation systems seal components in a fast and efficient sequence, eliminating manual handling as components are moved between each module reliably and consistently. 

Shorter cycle times deliver higher throughput with each module accommodating a smaller number of components – or single part processing – and so minimising work in progress.

Our robotic systems can be configured to be integrated in-line to the previous manufacturing process stage or to the next machine/process stage.

The benefits of Ultraseal robotic vacuum impregnation systems

Compact footprint

Reduced energy consumption

Fast, consistent cycle times

Increased production throughput - which can be increased further with additional modular hot cure stations

Single or multi-part processing

Eliminates manual handling of parts

Uses widely approved Ultraseal Rexeal 100 recycling impregnation sealant

Zero effluent discharge option

Worldwide technical and service support

Robotic front load technology

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